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Todd's family donates his music to cancer centers (Jan 29, 2014)

Wonderful news from Todd's family, via his aunt, Karen Cronin:

We are in the process of donating some of Todd’s CD’s to cancer centers around the country. The donation includes Pilgrims Here and World Full of Wonder. Todd devoted the last 10 years of his life (as you know) writing, recording and performing Christian music around the country, singing of hope and God’s love. It is Todd's family’s desire to bring his messages to those suffering through the trial of cancer offering them hope and encouragement.

The idea was born when a dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Before she began 7 weeks of radiation, I gave her World Full of Wonder. She said the very first time she listened to that song she knew God was with her and it brought her courage and peace to endure what was ahead. She had the technicians play that song at each visit (and play it very loudly). By the time the 7 weeks came to an end the technicians had the music playing before her arrival and were known to sing along. She took one the displays to them last week as a thank you, and they were so grateful for this gift that would be placed in the waiting room for patients to take free of charge. They told her they still sing World Full of Wonder while at work.

"It is common to talk of ‘beating cancer’, but as far as I am concerned, my cancer has already lost, because while seeking to ruin me through suffering, it has actually increased my joy. I love Christ more now than ever." -Todd

Here is the list of centers that have been so grateful to receive this gift of Todd’s music. The responses have truly been a blessing for sure. God is good, Todd continues to touch lives.

Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center
South Weymouth, Ma.

Suburban Hospital
Bethesda, MD

Kimmel Cancer Center At John Hopkins
Baltimore, MD

Western Regional Medical Center
Goodyear, AZ

Sister Caritas Cancer Center
Springfield, Ma

Jordan Hospital Club Cancer
Plymouth, Ma

Eastern Regional Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pa

Sister Madeleine Joy
West Springfield, Ma.

REVIEW: "World Full of Wonder" (May 21, 2013)
World Full of Wonder has been reviewed on the Christian online magazine! Timothy Yap did a beautiful job of paying tribute to Todd in reviewing the album. Here's what Todd's father had to say after reading it: "I'm amazed at how much insight into Todd & his convictions that Pastor Timothy was able to get from his music. The review came across as a close friend writing about a close friend." Read the review

Memories of Todd (Feb. 25, 2013)
The "Pictures" section of the site is filled with photos of Todd from throughout his life and career. The "Memories" section (last link in the "Pictures" list) contains a selection of written reflections on Todd and his music, courtesy of his parents, friends and studio partners. We invite you to share in the joy and triumph as we remember our wonderful friend Todd and bid him farewell until we are reunited in the Savior. Click here for Pictures or Memories

A messege from Todd's family on "World Full of Wonder"
(Feb. 21, 2013)

Hello everyone,

Todd's family has decided to retain his e-mail account for all future correspondence:

It is with great joy that we are announcing the release of his new 12 song CD "World Full of Wonder". As I previously mentioned in May of 2012, before Todd became too sick to continue working on his CD, he was able to complete 12 original vocals with acoustic. In our long stay with him in Nashville, Donna and I continually witnessed a few things about Todd. He was totally aware of what his future held and his faith never waivered. He knew he was just a "Pilgrim Here" and rejoiced in that. He was more concerned about the suffering family and friends would go through after his passing. Typical Todd! He was obsessed with the completion of his CD. So much so, that he would not leave Nashville for his mother's home until forced to do so. His earthly works were not yet complete; the CD had to be finished!

Speaking for Donna, Todd's mother Liz, Peter, brother Scott, sister Kristin, long time closest of friends Amy, & Todd, we want to single out those totally responsible for the completion of Todd's CD. All of these music professionals were great friends of Todd. To background vocalists/musicians Carrie and Bruce Marshall of NC, Meme Stephens of TX, producer Paul Buono of TN, and marketer David Ramirez of OK, we love you and are forever grateful.

You have given us back some joy that has been missing for the better part of a year. Due to them, Todd's earthly works are complete, but maybe not so, his music ministry continues! On a lighter note, their contributions were not just musical as they also had to play detective. Being as brilliant as he was as a singer/songwriter/musician, Todd did not necessarily rely on sheet music and written lyrics to these 12 songs and many were not found. Little did they know they'd all have to repeatedly listen to some basic vocals to decipher the lyrics. Typical Todd!

All of the proceeds from the sales of "World Full of Wonder" & the still available "Pilgrims Here" will be put in a charitable trust & donated to Christian efforts. We'll announce these donations as we go along. The album "World Full of Wonder" and digital downloads should be available in a week or so on - search Todd MacDonald. David Ramirez is redesigning & the link to CDBaby will soon be up.

Thank you everyone - God Bless
John (Todd's Dad)


A message from Todd's father, John MacDonald, Jr. (May 31, 2012)

NOTE: A memorial service for Todd's Nashville friends and family will he held at:

Immanuel Church
5253 Granny White Pike, Nashville
Saturday, June 2, at 7 p.m.

Good morning, everyone -

I am using Todd's e-mail contact list, all 503 of you, to send out a sincere Thank You from his family. For those of you on this list who have not heard of Todd's passing, I apologize. Todd peacefully went to his eternal rest at his Mother's home in Massachusetts on Monday, May 14, surrounded by all of his immediate family. As a Christian singer/songwriter, Todd did more than profess his earthly walk with Jesus, he truly lived it! A Dad could not be prouder! As Todd wrote in "Pilgrims Here": "Fix your eyes on heaven's prize. Fix them on Jesus, forsaking every worthless thing that weighs you down on that narrow road to home." Todd has gone home. Easier said than done in times like this, but we all should try & rejoice in that!

Todd's e-mail will be discontinued shortly, but his family will keep his website going - Through the site & link, "Pilgrims Here" will continue to be available on CDBaby & iTunes. In a door pocket of Todd's car, we found a disc of 10 new songs Todd was able to complete, basic vocals with acoustic. Not the 13 he had wanted, but we do have 10. In working with producer Paul Buono, close friends Carrie & Bruce Marshall, and marketer David Ramirez, Todd's new CD will be completed & released. All proceeds from "Pilgrims Here" and the new release will be donated to the Mesothelioma Foundation and a yet to-be-determined Christian effort.

For those of you in the Nashville area, a Memorial Service/Celebration Of Todd's Life will be held at Immanuel Church, 5253 Granny White Pike, Nashville, on Saturday, June 2, at 7 p.m. by Pastor Ray Orlund & Todd's Immanuel family.

In speaking for Donna, Todd's mother Liz & Peter, brother Scott, & sister Kristin - we all will be forever grateful for the constant support, love, & prayers we have received over the past few years. Todd has taken that narrow road home. I hope everyone finds some comfort in that.

God Bless all of you.
- John

Goodbye, Todd (May 14, 2012)

Obituary from Quealy and Son Funeral Home:

Todd P. MacDonald, age 39, of Nashville, TN, formerly of Abington, MA, Todd went to be with his beloved Lord and Savior surrounded by his loving and caring family, Monday, May 14, 2012 after a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Todd was the beloved son of John P. MacDonald of Maine and Elizabeth Byrne of Abington. They were also joined by John’s wife Donna and Liz’s husband Peter, as well as Todd’s brother Pastor Scott MacDonald and wife Wendy of Maryland, and Todd’s sister Kristin MacDonald of Abington, and Todd’s dear friend Amy McIver of Abington. During the last week of Todd’s life, a remarkable collection of Todd’s friends visited with him at his Abington home to bid him farewell on his heavenly journey. Todd was an inspiring Christian singer/songwriter and in his earlier years a widely known and highly respected magician. Todd is survived by the aforementioned family members as well as his loving Aunt and Uncle Karen and Steve Cronin of Maine, Aunt and Uncle Richard and Pat Crowley of MD, and Regina and Fran Whalen of Quincy, MA and his Grandmother Evelyn MacDonald of Quincy. Todd was also loved dearly by his late grandparents Leo and Grace Crowley of Quincy, MA. He also leaves his niece Elisabeth MacDonald and nephews, Scotty, and Jeremy MacDonald of MD, and Ben and Jonathan MacDonald of Abington. We will all miss you Todd and your beautiful music and joyously await our loving reunion with you one day in Heavenly home. Visitation will be held at Quealy Funeral Home on 116 Adams Street, Abington MA from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. on Thursday, May 17th. A Celebration of Todd’s Life Service will be held at First Baptist Church of Abington, 219 Adams Street, Abington, MA at 11:00 am on Friday, May 18. This to be followed by interment at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Rockland, MA. Donations in Todd’s name may be made to the American Cancer Society, or Hospice of Brockton and Boston.